A History Of Britain: Part 1

This is the first episode (season 1) of the BBC documentary series A History Of Britain, written and presented by the British historian Simon Schama. This part is called Beginnings and the period is 3100 BC - 1000 AD.

Duration: 59 minutes

Hannelore Beheydt
Student (teacher training)

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Level and subject
general secondary education 3rd stage
 courses history - archaeology, English

teacher training all

higher education all

university all
Type Video
Number 93974
Educational video
Anglo-Saxon eraAnglo-Saxon worldBBCBritainCeltic eraCLILCLIL EnglishculturedocumentaryEnglishEnglish cultureEnglish historyGreat BritainhistoryNormansRoman BritainRomansSimon SchamaStone AgeVikingslanguages

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